Why Use Mikey Bowler Realty?

“Buy low, sell high.” It is an adage as old the concept of money… but what is fair in this particular transaction?

How long will it take to sell?

What should you do when a buyer makes you an unfair offer?

As REALTORS®, it is our responsibility to process the situation for you and assist you with the judgment calls on how to respond.

Buyers are rarely looking to pay top dollar for your home. We offer you an opinion on the value of your home called a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). This is free. Sometimes owners need it for estate planning, personal financial statements, or they actually want to start the process of moving onto another home and away from this one. Whatever the reason, selling always starts with establishing a value.

It is important to keep in mind that trends shift. What the market tells us now, may not be what the market tells us your home is worth in six months. Can it go down? Sure, periodically we see comparable that in an area that can temporarily make it hard to justify higher sales prices. Was that home that sold a few months ago that was listed in “Excellent” condition indeed so? Or did it need to be completely gutted and rehabbed? It is not uncommon that in some areas, we run into difficulty with the comparable. It is our job to identify the anomaly and get past them for you.

Is a buyer wasting your time? We make sure that we are only asking you to leave your house in order for it to be shown to those that can actually afford to purchase your home.

Marketing plans for each home differ. Some we may want to offer a credit to the buyer for some items up front, some we may expect to sell at full list price the day we list it. Some we may decide is better to underprice in order to start a bidding war, although that is a rare occasion we make that recommendation.

The Louisiana Agreement to Buy or Sell is a complicated document. With the experts here at Mikey Bowler Homes, you can rest assured, that we will get you the answers you need to make sure that you understand this complex situation.


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