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Please feel free to request an in home evaluation. Like hiring an attorney or a CPA, professionalism is a must and you can not afford to have someone representing you that, well, “Is just OK.” We are a team of meticulous real estate professionals. The order we do things may not always be the same, but we always start with an evaluation to determine what the next step is.

Is it a home that we should measure and put a value on, or should I have someone that measures complex houses come do it for us? Did you know that it is actually somewhat common for a house to be listed where the seller does not know the actual square footage, or there was a mis-measurement. A room from a listing ten years ago may not have been living space because it did not exist. 

Generally, if the home is a regular shape, we will probably measure it, but once a home becomes slightly complicated to measure, it is best to bring in an expert that provides us with a floor plan of your home to make sure we have accurate measurements.

What services should we typically expect from Mikey Bowler Homes?

We usually hire an expert appraiser to come in and draw a floor plan for almost every listing. Room dimensions, accurate square footage, and a nice presentation are all needed, and as a result, having a floor plan drawn for your home is usually one of the first steps for us to establish a value.

Next, we schedule a professional photographer for most listings. Every now and then Mikey himself will have to pinch hit for the photographer, but he tries to leave that to those that do it all day, every day.

All photography in shot in “high dynamic range” or HDR. What is HDR? It is multiple photographs shot at different exposures. Typically, one shot is slightly over exposed, one is correctly exposed, and one is under exposed.

The three shots are then digitally combined and presto, we can see the kick plate under the kitchen cabinet, the cabinets all perfectly lit, and we can even see outside the window, all which had different light on them. Have you seen listing photos where the photos are so bad you really do not know if it is worth seeing or not? You will not see that on one of our listings.

During a listing presentation, you should expect to see a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). It is common for listing presentations to last more than an hour as these are fluid discussions about how to sell your home, not a quick sales pitch. Please feel free to request a FREE in home prepared CMA and presentation on how we would market your home.


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