Selling Your Home By Yourself?

A yard sign does not sell a house.

If it were that simple, there would not be professionals that have thirty and forty year careers in real estate. Like Farmers Insurance, we have seen a thing or two and these are a few of the things that unrepresented sellers encounter and have to deal with:

  • “How did you set the price of your home?”
  • “Since you are not paying an agent, we can just cut that off the top of the price, right?”
  • “Will you finance it for me?”
  • “This is the first house we have looked at and have not applied for a loan yet.” (Does that sound like someone ready, willing and able?)
  • “Can you set me up with a lender?”
  • “If I make an offer, who will write the contract?”“Are you subject to the ethics and legal
  • requirements that a REALTOR® is?”

Unrepresented buyers and sellers can let their imaginations run wild speculating about the process. Selling your home is best left to one that handles complex financial transactions like this every day. This is not a place for beginners mistakes.

That hardware bought sign might say, “For Sale by Owner” but what potential buyers frequently see is, “On Sale,” and not, “For Sale.” You will be shocked by the number of low ball offers and tire kickers that look at FSBO properties. Skilled and experienced agents separate the tire kickers from the buyers and let you live your life.


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Mikey Bowler